12 tips for Google Pixel


The Quickest way to Unlock your Pixel phone is by using the finger print sensor on the back of the phone . You can register your finger prints with the phone goto [settings]>[security]>[pixel Imprint]. Then to Unlock the your phone put finger on back of finger print sensor.

2.Pixel Movesimg_20170113_193137

In settings app is a section titled Moves    In Moves you can turn the pixel finger print sensor into a trackpad . When you swipe down across  it to reveal your notification panel or enable tap to wake to view notifications along with other gestures and shortcuts to found on device. Tap on the thumbnail to see an animated presentation of how the features works.


The google doubles the virtual reality computer and display all in one. The only thing you need to complete the system is a Daydream view headset. A controller comes with the headset , making it easy to interact with the VR Daydream world or play Games.

4.Google Assistantimg_20170113_193210

With the pixel,google launched a new person assistant it calls Google Assistant. Like Apple Siri but for Android. Long press on the home button to activate Assistant.

Not only can you use it for queries but Assistant will analyze content on your screen and provide  relevant information.

5.Swipe Upimg_20170113_193226

Google did away with a dedicated button to open the app drawer on the pixel phone giving users to the option to place five apps in the bottom dock. To open the app drawer on the pixel phone swipe up on the display.

6.Save Data planimg_20170113_193241

Data saver is a new setting designed to block select apps from using data in the background. Open [settings]>[Data]>[Data saver] to enable the feature and select the apps you want to have unrestricted background access data.

7.Unlimited Photos and Videos backupimg_20170113_193255

One of it not the biggest benefit to using the pixel is that Google gives you unlimited photo and video backup in the photos app. At full resolution , too. Open the photos app and follow the prompts to set up auto backup,as well as tailer how often photos will clear local storage on your phone .

8.Double Clickimg_20170113_193308

The pixel camera will launch with a quick duble press of the power/lock button from any screen , regardless if the phone is locked or not.

9.Night Lightimg_20170113_193319

The pixel has a Night light mode that makes viewing the screen at night easier on your eyes. Enabling Night Light mode by opening the [setting]>[Display]>[Night Light]. Using your phone location the phone can automatically enable Night Light at sunset and disable it at sunrise. Alternatively you can manually enable it in your pixels quick settings panel by tapping on the Night Light tile.

10.Google Feedimg_20170113_193332

A swipe right on your home screen will reveal your personalised Google Now feed , where you can view weather , calendar appointments , traffic alerts and tailored news articles. You can disable Google Feed with long press on the home screen . Select [settings]>[show]>[Google app] to off position.

11.New Wallpaper appimg_20170113_193349

If you so desire , you can set the pixel to automatically switch your wallpaper every day using photos of your own or one of the created categories included on your device. Open 【settings】>【Display】>【wallpaper】to set it up.

12.Safer wifiimg_20170113_193400

Connecting to public Wi-Fi is a convenient way to save on your data plan. But it also inherently risky. To help protect you , Google’s Wi-Fi Assistant feature will connect to known wifi networks through a VPN connection.

In other words,your pixel will secure the connection on your behalf, preventing  others from snooping on you.