Apple start Making iphones in India

Apple is ready to start making iphones in india , but it wants big help from indian government first.


The Apple , california-based company is planned according to a schedule to meet with officials in New Delhi next week to discuss the possibility for setting up manufacturing facilities in the country this year. Apple is the most valuable company on earth , is asking for a long list of financial demands from indian Govt.. Among the demands the company request there is no tax for importing of components and equipments upto 15 years.”We would like Apple to set up base in india” said Ravi Shankar prasad minister of information technology on Wednesday , without disclosing the company’s negotiating stance.

Apple wants to boost business in india as the country of 1.3 billion becomes the fastest growing smartphone market and sales flatten in US and China. Apple Chief executive officer Tim Cook visited the country for the first time in May. As he sought government approval for Apple to open it’s own stores. India as insisted that Apple , like single brand Retailer , source 30% of its components locally,t hough the country is relaxingthose rules so technology companies can operate stores for three years before meeting that requirements.

Still Apple wants more , the company sent a list of requests before of its 25th jan meeting with officials from several government departments  including Electronics and e-commerce. Apple is also asking  for a voluntary relinquishment on custom duties for new and used equipment brought into india. Apple wants full deduction from duties on raw materials , components and capital equipment. Apple can not demand getting everything on its wish list.

The company doesn’t manufacturer devices it’s self. But quite partners contact with manufacturers to handle the capital intensive demands of building factories and working staff . Good news is apple plans to partner with Taiwan’s Wistorn corp. rather than  Hon Hai precision industry co., it’s usal manufacturing source. The Assembly of iphons could start at Wistorn corp. in the residential area of Bangalore. The work may be expand1 to Hon Hai precision industry  later , depending on demand.

Next week meeting will be  take for important decision. If the government says ok to apple demands  it may have to offer similar motivation to other global brands like Samsung and Xiaomi.

“Historically ! The goverment not giving to the permission to any other companies  and there is no rule policy to do” says Anshul Gupta. Apple is asking for its out dated trend so see look forward what will be happen ?. Prime Minister Modi wants companies to make products in india under “Make in india” policy , aimed at gain the benefits that come from manufacturing facilities and jobs. His doesn’t want technology companies to sell their products.

Apple is the minor player in india. Because their products are largely expansive for local consumers. Apple hold only 2%  of the market in the country. Apple aim is to sell 500 million smartphones in next few years. Samsung and Micromax companies are local leaders . Let Apple setup manufacturing facilities and Retailer stores in india could make the devices cheaper and help for growth. Cook has said Apple is just “Scratching the Surface “ in india.