5 Super Smart Gadgets at CES 2017

CES 2017 is over , but still a lot to be said about the gadgets that come out this year. The event had a record breaking turnout of 165,000 attendence and 3,800 exhibitors spawning 2.5million sq.feet of exhibit space. It was a great show with hundreds of tech companies  and startups showing off thousands of  gadgets in demo and keynotes . Although it seemed a bit quite compared to previous years , the eye-candy  for geeks was there big time. Here some cool gadgets that made their debut .

L’Oreal’s Hair Coach

Nokia owned withing L’Oreal’s invention labs and kerastase are  coming out with a Hi-tech hair brush called the Hair Coach. A sleek lightweight hair brush with professional-grade boar and nylon bristels. It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options. As well as a microphone to listen to your brushing patterns. The brush detects when you use it and starts the  data collection automatically. As soon as you complete brushing session , all data is sent to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


Geeni unveiled the Surge and many other smart home products such as The Energi , The Spot and The Lux Drop at CES. Surge is smart plug connected to the Geeni app that lets you control any plugged-in electronic device from any where. Surge and other Geeni plugs are Alexa compatible , which means they also allow voice control using Google Home. The device don’t need any complicated hubs or gateways and connect directly to your home Wi-Fi .

Hyper Suit

HyperSuit makes you feel like you’re flying. It has multiple sensors to detect your movements. All you have to do is lie down in a flying position and move arms like a brid . The product is currently a prototype phase , and the company is creating both the hardware and software to make it work .

Kolibree Ara

Kolibree is making it’s first smart gadget calls Al toothbrush: the Ara . The oral device monitors how long you use toothbrush daily and gives you a personal score based on online and offline brushing . It has 3D sensor , Bluetooth , accelerometer , gyroscope and a magnetometer to monitor your brushing pattern. Ara’s algorithm analyze the data and sends a report through email.

Plume Lab Flow

Plume Lab is making a smart air quality tracker called the Flow. It tracked , monitors and reduce your exposure to air pollution by detracting air pollutants in the air and tracking Nitrogen dioxide(N2O) , Ozone , Volatile Organic compounds (VOCs) , Temperature , Humidity and other factors. The gadget is portable and you can easily clip it to your bag , bike , stroller.