Nokia 3310 Camera is better than Galaxy S7 Camera 

  The original Nokia 3310 phone from 2000 year doesn’t have any camera at back. But if it did, sure yes it did and tech is fast forward to 2017. Now the 3310 phone gets some sort of a snapper . Good thing is the phone comes under Nokia brand and the Nokia 3310 feature phone comes with 2Mp rear camera with LED  flash. So I got a thought, that was the camera snaps are compare with some real life shots.

The snapshots with Nokia 3310 (2017) of 2Mp camera done good job and it take glorious images. But to truly understand just how capable the 2Mp camera. So decided that compare the snapshots with Galaxy S7 . The Nokia 3310 much challenger to Galaxy S7 .

The Images are take with Nokia 3310 and Galaxy S7 . In the Nokia 3310 snapped image over saturated and Galaxy S7 snapped images yellowish but it take more details than 3310 camera. But the Nokia 3310 is the best camera.