NASA has released Tons of Free and Open Source Software : Here how to get them..

As a part of its Technology Transfer program , NASA has released lots of free and open source  software tools on its website. NASA says that these softwares are useful for professionals, entrepreneurs, small bussinesses, industry and academia. You can visit the NASA website to get the complete list of available tools and download the ones your desire .
Making the third release in the series  NASA has officially rolled out it’s 2017-2018 software catalog. This software offering comes in both hard copy and offline. The first piolot edition of NASA’s software catalog was made available to the public in April ,2014. NASA’s software catalog is considered to be the first open source and all access listing of software by a U.S. government agency that one can access without any royalty or copyright fees. NASA says that the freely released tools are helpful for professionals , entrepreneurs,small bussinesses,industry and academia. These software tools have the potential to create jobs,s ave lives and earn money.

You might be surprised to know about the major role of software plays in NASA’s research. Surprisingly more than 30% of all reported NASA innovations are software. With this release ,NASA wishes to transfer  these software to other sectors with a hope to see new and creative usuage.
Here are some of the popular tools that have been open sourced by NASA :

  • Worldview satellite imagery Browsing and Downloading tool
  • Global Planetary Reference Models
  • NASA Root Cause Analysis Tool
  • PixelLearn
  • Cart3D
  • JPL ‘s stero vision software suite
  • Video image stabilization and Registration
  • What’s up at Wallops (Android and iOS)
  • Loss less Hyper/ Multi – spectral Data compressionson software

To download these software visit NASA website and released under NASA’s Technology Transfer Program.