iPhone 8’s rumoured 3D Camera Technology Detailed

Apple is largely reported to integrate some form of argumented reality in its ten year iPhone calls the iPhone 8. A 3D sensor for the smartphone is in the works and how the 3D sensor is working on a new report sheds  light.
A Barclay report lists two methods for the 3D camera -Time of Flight [TOF] and structured light . Past and recently come out reports Asus Apple is also expected to introduce OLED display for iPhone 8 and keeps the LCD displays for iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. However a separate report is there about Apple may switched to OLED displays for all it’s iphones by 2019.

According to report by Barclay claims that the 3D sensor works on two above mentioned methods. The TOF method will emit a signal at the object in front of it and calculate the the bounce  off .Based on a series of bounces the iPhone 8 build a 3D image of the object in front of it. The second method called Structured light projects a pattern on to the object into pices  to calculate the shape of the object and make a 3D image . The earlier reports the 3D sensors bring facial recognition to the iPhone 8. The 3D sensor could have multiple applications like building  3D game  avatar’s or taking 3D selfies .

Apple reports 1000 engineers in Israel Woking solely on Argumented reality [AR] , the company looking better for AR and  not on VR. If this true hopefully the apple integrated into the  iPhone 8 scheduled to release in September 2017. The iPhone 8 is expected to sport an all glass back and an edge to edge display with a bottom touch based “function area” replacing the home button.